What to Expect at iCAAD Dublin

19 Dec 2018

Resilience and Change at iCAAD Dublin

A motivational and inspiring working group conference Offering an inspired synthesis of therapeutic and clinical care models. What you can expect:

The idea behind the day is that we will follow and focus on the core theme: “Resilience and Change”. Presenters and participants alike will examine the statement: ‘Research shows that it is absolutely possible to recover from trauma and addiction’.

The mornings keynote speaker, Judy Crane - a world renowned trauma expert from the United States, will lead the discussions and indeed set the scene for the day itself.

We will hear more from professionals and academics from within different specialities in the Behavioural Mental & Emotional (BME) fields, and hear how they treat trauma and addiction specifically within their own areas of expertise.

Members of the panels will explain how the working groups will collaborate and discuss the relevant case study. Then with the help of the local and global experts we will develop some realistic care plans and sustainable collaborations for professionals and carers involved in helping individuals suffering with trauma and addiction.

Participants will receive resources, tools and information on:

Learning from our keynote speakers, panellists, facilitators and most importantly each other, we will address and add to the research that shows it is absolutely possible to recover from trauma and addiction.

  • Intergenerational trauma and addiction,
  • Trauma assessment & response ,

  • Dual diagnosis ( addiction and mental health )
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