Sheri Jacobson: The Impact of Digital Innovation on Psychological Practice

Industries the world over are being disrupted by new technologies. The health care sector is no exception. From a proliferation of on-demand digital mediums for accessing and delivering treatment, to the growing use of e-payments, algorithms and AR, the clinical experience of patients and practitioners is changing. My aim is to discuss the effects of actual and potential digital developments on your practice – both from the clinical and business aspect. 

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Introducing Dr Sheri Jacobson

This week we are thrilled that leading Psychotherapist and businesswoman Dr Sheri Jacobson has agreed to write a blog for us. Sheri has achieved incredible things both academically and professionally – obtaining a wide number of diverse degrees including: Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Oxford University), Social Anthropology (University College London), and a PhD in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Regent’s College, London). Her final degree was in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Institute of Psychiatry, London). 

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